Special Maps

Current special maps A-Z available for World of Tanks XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, and PS4 platforms. Studying and knowing maps, sniping positions, cover areas, flanking opportunities, key positions, and major battle spots is an important part of tactical warfare. Know your environment!

Move your mouse over the map image to view a large version or click on the map image to open in a new tab for printing purposes. For a description of each game type visit the Game Types page.

Christmas Toy Tank Map

Type: Special Map

Size: Miniature (0.35km x 0.35km)

Game Types: Team Destruction Battle

The Christmas Toy Tank map comes alive for only a few days per year around Christmas time allowing players to break from hard hitting tanks and have a little fun. Team sizes are limited to 7 per side and players get to zip around in a small toy tank that fires suction darts. The map is set out under a Christmass tree surrounded by presents and toy trees. Gameplay is unchanged. Suction darts my not penetrate and damage may be incurred for crew and tank. Death is a sort of funny fireworks type explosion where the turret hangs by a spring. Scoring a kill will reveal a mystery prize that provides an in-game bonus. This is a death match game only with players trading darts predominately around the tree on left and right sides where the 2 sides meet

Halloween Map

Type: Urban, Winter, and Special Maps

Size: 700m x 700m

Game Types:
Team Destruction Battle

Dominated by a large castle perched on top of the hill (with great views) this map is well suited to fast tanks that can use the many corridors and streets to flank the enemy. The castle area is often a congregation point for players to slug it out. Heavy tanks can also use the high buildings and streets to their advantage for some close combat action. The railways line to the west also sees its fair share of action. Expect some close combat action. Not a great map for artillery due to the sheer amount of high buildings. This map is offered in the normal urban map and winter "Blizzard" variant.


Type: Special Map

Size: 800m x 800m

Game Types: Standard Battle

The Lunar Chaffee has dusted off the moon dust and headed to Mars. This new special map is similar to the Lunar Moon map but better. Alien spaceships provide portal windows that instantly transport the player to another part of the map. Gravity is thin so players can get maximum air time. In terms of tactics this map is best played by keeping on the move and using cover. There are plenty of structures annd hills and the large ravine that players can use. Just have fun!

Training Ground Map

Type: Summer Map

Size: 500m x 500m

Game Types: Tank Training

Tutorial only map. This map introduces the player to the World of Tanks console version and places you in a M4 Sherman where you go through the basics of tank boot camp

Trench Warfare Map

Type: Summer Map

Size: 500m x 500m

Game Types: Standard Battle

Trench Warfare is a special map representing the western front trench line battles of world war one (WWI), and is only for use with the first ever tank to hit the battleground, the Mark I tank! This map is unique in that it has a number of spots where players can find a range of goodies hidden beneath pill boxes such as additional fuel for flamethrowers.