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Developed by players for the players ... The only site where you can compare up to 3 tanks tanks with their console packages, effective armor angles, and weak spots & hit zones all on the one page. Now includes the capability to modify and compare camouflage values. Details are extensive and include stats such as Costs, Crew, Premium Bonuses, Reload Rate, and Damage Per Minute (DPM). Flick between the packages and compare the actual tank stats in colour. Players will find lots of useful detailed information on maps, tactics, angling your armor, flanking techniques, different roles players can play, weak spots & hit zones, game types, gun types, tank ammunition types, using cover effectively, and spotting techniques all with detailed images. The Tank Items page has detailed information on all skills, perks, tank paint camouflage, tank equipment, and tank consumables. For those who really love the game then be sure to checkout the artwork for detailed images of your favourite tanks.

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AE Phase 1

Hull Down Champion - 24th November 2020

Introducing the AE Phase 1 ... In 1951, U.S. engineers developed a design for a visually distinct four-track tank. The project never progressed beyond the blueprint phase but WOT Console have brought it to life on the battlefield. A unique look isn’t the only draw of the AE Phase 1. Combine its excellent gun depression and strong penetration stats with a well-armored sloping turret, and you have a tank that’s made to take shots while its hull stays protected. Thanks to its mobility values, the AE Phase 1 is a heavy tank that can go exactly where you need it to be to rain damage on the enemy! Compare all tanks in detail in the Tank Profiler. Purchase the new premium tanks through the World of Tanks official store.

Hot Wheels™ Season and Tanks - 22nd Sept 2020

Every tank Commander can participate in the Hot Wheels™ season, which consists of 100 total Levels. Earn points through regular battles, as well as daily and weekly Challenges, and climb through the Levels to claim your rewards! With a new season comes new tanks. Take a look at the exclusive vehicles waiting for you in the new World of Tanks: Hot Wheels™ season. Drawing on the designs of iconic Hot Wheels™ cars, these tanks bring a spirit of fun and imagination to the battlefield while dominating the battle! Joining World of Tanks Console are the German Tier VIII Rodger Dodger™ E 75 TS Heavy Tank, American Tier VIII Bone Shaker™ TS-5 Tank Destroyer, and 4 variations of the German Tier VIII Spähpanzer Light Tank; Tiger Shark, Trail Blazer, Rip Rod, and Fast Track. Compare all tanks in detail in the Tank Profiler. Purchase the new premium tanks through the World of Tanks official store.

Turtle Terrapin Mk. 1

Terrapin Mk. 1 - 15th Sept 2020

A new premium tank is now available, the UK Tier VIII Terrapin Mk. 1 Tank Destroyer! It sports a great gun that’s easy to handle and that keeps up the pressure with notable penetration, serious damage, and a high rate of fire. To keep you safe the Terrapin Mk. 1’s thick frontal armor gives you the protection you need to take enemy fire while taking the enemy out. Compare all tanks in detail in the Tank Profiler. Purchase the new premium tanks through the World of Tanks official store.

TL-1 LPC FV1066 Senlac Patton T54E2

New Premium Bundles - 10th Sept 2020

New premium monthly bumdles are now available in the game. Grab one of the following premium bundles before they disappear at the end of the month; American Tier VIII TL-1 LPC Medium Tank, British Tier VIII FV1066 Senlac Light Tank, American Tier VIII M48A2 Patton Medium Tank, and American Tier VIII T54E2 Heavy Tank. Add them to your garage now. Compare all tanks in detail in the Tank Profiler. Purchase the new premium tanks through the World of Tanks official store.

Quilin Centurion RAAC

New Premiums Join WOT Console - 3rd Sept 2020

Two new premium tanks are now available; the Chinese Tier X Heavy Tank WZ-111 Qilin, and the UK Tier VIII Medium Tank Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC. Both tanks sport solid armor and solid guns for their tiers. Add them to your garage now. Compare all tanks in detail in the Tank Profiler. Purchase the new premium tanks through the World of Tanks official store.

WWE SummerSlam and Crossplay - 22nd July 2020

What a big month for World of Tanks Consoles! Update 5.0 has been released with numerous changes, and we see crossplay finally come to the game allowing players on both XBOX and Playstation to finally battle it out together. On top of that the new season has started; WWE SummerSlam brings some of the biggest names in wrestling to the game with unique WWE superstar tanks. In this new Season, battle your way through the Levels and claim exclusive WWE Tanks and Crews! World of Tanks: SummerSlam will be loaded with some of the most incredible content you’ve ever seen in the game’s history! Tackle weekly and daily Challenges to score points and complete World of Tanks: SummerSlam Levels for rewards and epic collectibles! Check out the WWE SummerSlam season to learn about how to acquire the tanks. We have loaded up all new WWE SummerSlam tanks to the Tank Profiler. Compare them all tanks in detail in the Tank Profiler. Purchase the new premium tanks through the World of Tanks official store.

Fear Naught - 19th June 2020

Welcome to the Valour T95/FV4201 Chieftain! This British Tier X Heavy Tank's camouflage is based on the Royal Tank Regiment’s “Streetfighter II” project and comes with the Richard Cutland Hero crew. The near-impenetrable frontal turret armor makes the Valour T95/FV4201 Chieftain the perfect choice to defend and hold any position. Packed with a powerful gun, the alpha damage, penetration values, and gun depression make this one of the best 120mm guns in the game. Earn it now via the 'Fear Naught' operations or purchase it with free XP. Compare all tanks in detail in the Tank Profiler. Purchase the new premium tanks through the World of Tanks official store.

UK Light Tanks

New UK Light Tanks - 12th June 2020

Branching from the British Tier VI Cromwell Medium Tank, these British Tech-Tree Light Tanks are equipped with extremely high penetration values (some of the highest in class), exceptional concealment, and an outstanding power-to-weight ratio that gives you the mobility you need to scout the battlefield efficiently. Introducing the GSR 3301 Setter, LHMTV, GSOR3301 AVR FS, and Manticore. Compare the tanks in detail in the Tank Profiler. Purchase the new premium tanks through the World of Tanks official store.

Diamondback Mk. 1 Tank Destroyer - 4th June 2020

Operation Overlord: the code name for the Battle of Normandy, which began when Allied forces stormed France’s beaches on June 6th, 1944. In honor of D-Day and the heroism and bravery that were on display, World of Tanks is offering you a mission with a brand-new Tank Destroyer, the Diamondback Mk. 1! Boasting excellent frontal armor, great gun arc, and its high-grade rate of fire and smooth handling, the Diamondback gets the job done. Minor updates to other British and USSR tanks destoyers have also been applied. Compare the tank updates in detail in the Tank Profiler. Purchase the new premium tanks through the World of Tanks official store.

T78 USA Tank Destroyer

Earn the T78 - 19th May 2020

A new USA Tank Destroyer, the T78 is now available to earn through the 'Not Forgotten' operation that sees you earn great rewards on the journey to earning this tank. Or for those who dont want to wait they can grab the T78 from the store. The Chisel and AMX 50B also received some minor updates from the player feedback. Compare the tank updates in detail in the Tank Profiler. Purchase the new premium tanks through the World of Tanks official store.

VALOR has arrived - 22nd April 2020

World of Tanks Valor is here and offers players lots of new rewards including new premium tanks. Complete weekly and daily Ops to advance through the Valor Stages and earn awesome rewards, such as the exclusive Object 244, SU-130PM, and T95E6! If you have a Premium Account, certain stages will grant you additional rewards, including the Kampfpanzer 50t at the final stage. Also, two fan favourites the AMX 30 B and Waffenträger auf E 100 have had adjustments based on player feedback. Compare the new tanks and tank updates in detail in the Tank Profiler. Purchase the new premium tanks through the World of Tanks official store.

Talon USSR

Talon T-44-122 - 7th April 2020

The development for the Talon T-44-122 started in 1943, with a prototype being built by the end of that year. Trials for the tank started in January 1944, only for it to be redesigned and reequipped with a 122mm gun. The Talon T-44-122 makes full use of its powerful 122mm gun to unleash ridiculous Alpha Damage upon its opponents. Thanks to its fast turning Hull and good top speed, the Talon T-44-122 is an extremely agile tank to play with. Expect increased Silver earnings when playing with the Talon T-44-122. Compare it in detail in the Tank Profiler. Purchase it through the World of Tanks official store.

Turret Town - 1st April 2020

Limited time only ... This 4x4 battle for the ages takes place in Turret Town (the event-exclusive map based on Ghost Town, full of dozens of fake turrets), where you lead the mighty and unstoppable Turret vehicles to battle!. When playing Turret Town, the Turret vehicles will only queue for Turret Town’s map with 12 rounds of a single shell type. They can also respawn up to three times per match. Each Turret vehicle has 300 HP and will most likely be destroyed after three direct shots. To make things even more interesting, the enemy turrets will have their health bars, outlines, nameplates, and mini-map icons disabled. On top of that, the auto-lock, aim assist, and request fire on target features will also be disabled, giving you a real challenge when trying to find these masters of disguise in battle.

New Swedish Mediums - 15th March 2020

Three new Swedish medium tanks have entered the game completing the medium line up to tier 10. Researching the new line of Swedish Medium Tanks starts at Tier VII, specifically from the Leo. They also stand out from the rest of the gang due to their unique Hydropneumatic Suspension. Compare them in detail in the Tank Profiler.

New Map Kaunas - 10th March 2020

In the Summer of 1944, Kaunas became a strategic position for the Soviet Red Army, which intended to advance into East Prussia and face the German forces there. Now, this historical battlefield joins the game as a new Summer Map. The map design is influenced by the Lithuanian countryside, with its meadows and forests, while keeping some elements of the city itself in the Southwest corner (re-imagined for gameplay purposes). A distinguishing feature of Kaunas is the huge hill right in the middle of the map, which can emphasize a King of the Hill playstyle when you try to take it. Check out the map in more detail in the Summer Maps section.

Barracuda EMIL 51 - 7th March 2020

The Barracuda EMIL 1951 is one mean tank! This Swedish Tier VIII uses its sloped turret armor and autoloading gun to leave its mark on the battlefield and its opponents. Thanks to its three-shot autoloader, the Barracuda EMIL 1951 can deal huge potential damage in just 5.5 seconds! Pity the fools who stand in your way. With its thick and slopped turret armor, the Barracuda EMIL 1951 is an excellent vehicle to be used in defensive positions. Combine it with its great gun depression and firepower to dominate the ridgelines. The Barracuda EMIL 1951 has all the attributes to be an excellent close-range tank. Stay close to your allies and use your burst damage to take out any enemy that comes your way. Compare it in detail in the Tank Profiler. Purchase it through the World of Tanks official store.

The Equalizer Premium Artillery - 5th February 2020

The Equalizer M53 brings down the wrath from the heavens! A real game-changer, this one-of-a-kind vehicle knows how to leave its mark on the battlefield with more than just its firepower. As a turreted Artillery, The Equalizer M53 has a large area of coverage without having to rotate its hull. This gives you more flexibility to track your targets and line up your shots. The first Premium vehicle to provide its Commander with two gun variants to choose from. Take your pick between the single-shot or Barrage Fire gun, depending on what playstyle you’re aiming for. The Equalizer M53 has 4 times the chance of hitting its targets. All thanks to the new Barrage Fire mode. Compare it in detail in the Tank Profiler. Purchase it through the World of Tanks official store.

Type 59-II Premium -21st January 2020

Based on the legendary Type 59, this Tier VIII Medium Tank is the best pick if you live for the thrill of the fight. Watch as incoming shells bounce right off your frontal armor before blasting them to smithereens. Charge with no fear thanks to the Type 59-II’s strong turret armor and angled frontal hull. Playing defensively is also an excellent strategy to make the most out of this vehicle’s protection. Great gun; With good damage and excellent gun handling, destroying your opponents is as easy as one-two-three. The decent speed and good hull traverse speed make this Medium Tank a dream to drive. Compare it in detail in the Tank Profiler. Purchase it through the World of Tanks official store.

New Premium Hitters - 8th January 2020

World of Tanks have introduced several new premium tanks to the game to kick off the new decade! Get your hands on the new Swedish Draugen Lansen C, Russian tanks the Object 279(e) and T-34 Shielded, or the German Sturm VK 36.01 for some serious hard hitting action. Compare them in detail in the Tank Profiler. Purchase them through the World of Tanks official store.

Operation Cold Steel

Operation Cold Steel - 20th December 2019

Make your enemies regret crossing your path with the Limited Edition Operation Cold Steel Tanks. And they’re just in time for Tanksmas! Not only are they ready to unleash Hell, these Console Exclusive Tanks have a 75% Crew XP Bonus after each battle. Demolisher T28; Like a stab in the night, the Demolisher T28 is deadly and efficient. Use its fast-aiming and powerful auto-loading gun to turn your enemies into Swiss cheese. Eradicator Caernarvon; The Eradicator Caernarvon holds the line and leads the attack with perfection. This is the first-ever British Heavy Tank with an autoloader! The powerful gun and great turret armor of the Eradicator Caernarvon makes hull-down gameplay a breeze. Earthshaker Strv 102; Based on the reliable Centurion tank, the Earthshaker STRV 102 is equipped with the infamous 105mm L7 gun! It’s a great all-round tank that delivers some serious firepower! Compare them in detail in the Tank Profiler. Purchase them through the World of Tanks official store.

Águila HWK 30 Scout - 5th December 2019

Germany has a new tier 8 premium scout, the Águila HWK 30. The Águila HWK 30 has great mobility, acceleration, and top speed. Perfect for scouting or making your opponents eat your dust. Use the great view range and concealment of the Aguila HWK 30 to scout like a pro and keep your enemies in sight. If you need to take a more active role on the battlefield, the Águila HWK 30’s gun is more than capable of delivering good firepower whenever you need. Compare it in detail in the Tank Profiler. Purchase it through the World of Tanks official store.

Spec Ops Crimson - 29th November 2019

The elite enter the fight with 3 new premium black tanks ... Minotaur KV-5, Hydra IS-6, and Ragnarok T-34-100. The Minotaur has the punchy Zis-24 cannon and massively improved frontal armor! The feeling of raw tank power. The Hydra has good all-round armor and a powerful, earthshattering BL-13 gun—capable of dealing 440 damage per shot. A Tank built for shock and awe. The Ragnarok uses its Tier IX 100mm AK1 autoloading cannon and its great mobility to deliver intense, special forces-like action. Compare them in detail in the Tank Profiler. Purchase it through the World of Tanks official store.

Shashka SU-130 PM Tank Destroyer - 5th November 2019

World of Tanks has just introduced its newest tank hunter, the Shashka! A new Soviet vehicle you can rely on. The Shashka SU-130 PM is a dependable Tank Destroyer that delivers a solid performance anywhere on the battlefield. A new Soviet vehicle you can rely on. The Shashka SU-130 PM is a dependable Tank Destroyer that delivers a solid performance anywhere on the battlefield and has speed and mobility makes it easy to move around the map. Being a Tank Destroyer, the Shashka SU-130 PM has excellent camouflage and stealth. They will never see you coming. Compare it in detail in the Tank Profiler. Purchase it through the World of Tanks official store.

Autumn Games and Halloween - 1st Nov 2019

Autumn Games are kicking off with the final prize being a new Sturm VK 36.01 so be sure to check the details to win this tank at the end of the phase. Halloween is alive with the Monster Tanks coming alive during the special event which delivers two new monsters to the game; the Bellerophon Centurion and Inferno Chimera. Several other new tanks added over the last month or so have also been uploaded including the UK Excalibur, USSR Object 260, USSR Object 907, and USA Hellcat 105. Compare them all in detail in the Tank Profiler. Purchase them through the World of Tanks official store.

M60 Premium Tier X - 28th August 2019

The M60 is the newest Tier X Tank to join the game. This classic Cold War hero is also the first ever Tier X American Premium, that is purchasable with Free XP (for 450k). So, you get to own a monster of a machine and save on your Gold (it’s a win-win situation). It combines good mobility and gun depression to the flexibility of the Medium Tank for any strategic attacks and supportive roles. The M60 makes use of its accurate and well handling gun to deliver 390 damage per shot. Something that would make George S. Patton himself proud. The M60 is arguably one of the top players regarding view range, which is great! Meaning that you can make use of your kickass firepower before the enemy realizes anything. Also added has been the new Tier X Mercenary Tank 'Chisel' along with T92 and Sherman VC Firefly. Compare them all in detail in the Tank Profiler. Purchase it through the World of Tanks official store.

Paladin Caernarvon Action X

Paladin Caernarvon Action X - 8th August 2019

The Paladin Caernarvon Action X. The brand-new Tier VIII has tremendous firepower (strong enough to send shivers down the Tier Xs turrets) and gun manoeuvrability to mix and match for your most needed combat tactics, be it defensive or offensive. The Paladin Caernarvon Action X has a great DPM and rate of fire. With 10.17 rounds per minute, each capable of dealing up to 230/280 damage, your targets will crumble under your firepower! The Turret Armor and Gun depression of the Paladin Caernarvon Action X allows the British Heavy to excel in Hull down tactics and reminding the attackers of their folly. Compare it in detail in the Tank Profiler. Purchase it through the World of Tanks official store.

Eagle and Falcon

Birds of Prey: Eagle and Falcon - 4th July 2019

Two new USA premium tanks hit the game; the T26E3 Eagle 7 Medium Tank and the Falcon T92 Light Tank. The Falcon T92 brings the firepower to the Light Tank class. With an engine of 600 horsepower and a rate of fire of 13.95 rounds per minute, you can play the classic role of a scout or harass your opponents, before the cavalry arrives. The T26E3 Eagle 7 has excellent gun depression combined with a strong gun mantlet, providing the best combination for working ridge-lines. Compare them in detail in the Tank Profiler. Purchase them through the World of Tanks official store.

VK 168 Heavy Tank

New German Behemoth Heavy Tank - 27th June 2019

The VK 168.01 (P) embodies the Heavy Class perfectly. Sporting thick armor and a powerful 128 mm gun, it’s perfect for Commanders that love to get up close and personal with the enemy, before blasting them apart with heavy ordinance. There’s just something satisfying about driving big Heavy Tanks. Great armor, firepower, and side-scraping capability make this unstoppable force feel like you’re driving a wrecking ball into battle! Compare it in detail in the Tank Profiler.

Striker Kanonenjagdpanzer 105

New Tank Sniper Hunter - 19th June 2019

Knowing when to keep a safe distance is one of the best ways to win a fight, and the Striker KanonenJagdPanzer 105 was specifically designed for just that. It may not have the Armor of its fellow comrades, but it compensates with superior optics and range, making it the perfect candidate for lovers of the Sniper role. One well-placed shot can make all the difference in battle. The Striker KanonenJagdPanzer 105's 2.3 sec. aim time is ideal for Commanders that need a faster game-play. he speed game is strong in the Striker KanonenJagdPanzer 105. No really, its 70km/h top speed can rival that of Light Tanks. Fire, change positions, then fire again. The Striker KanonenJagdPanzer 105 has such great stealth and concealment, that its opponents will hardly notice it, until they get hit. Compare it in detail in the Tank Profiler.

VK Tier X

Sherman vs Tiger + new VK Tier 10 - 13th June 2019

Three new premium tanks hit the game in June ... The new UK Jackal Sherman medium tank, German Tier 6 Tiger heavy tank, and the first tier 10 premium tank the VK.72 (K). All tanks pack a great punch. Compare them in detail in the Tank Profiler.


New German Heavyweight - 24th May 2019

Obliterate your enemies in close quarters action with the Mauerbrecher VK 168.01 (P)! When “bigger is better” - the Mauerbrecher VK 168.01 (P) embodies that phrase perfectly. Sporting thick armor and a powerful 128 mm gun, it’s perfect for Commanders that love the thrill of the fight! Get up close and personal with the enemy. Fire and destroy! Shield your team and punish the enemy from the frontlines! The high HP of the Mauerbrecher VK 168.01 (P) makes this giant an obvious pick for both defensive and offensive roles. The name Mauerbrecher is German for “Wall Breaker”. Sporting a 128 mm Gun, capable of dealing an average of 440 damage per shot, this beast has truly earned that name. Compare it in detail in the Tank Profiler.

Dreadnought KV-2 - 16th May 2019

The Dreadnought KV-2 is a Soviet Tier VII Heavy Assault Tank that sports massive damage with mobility that is unusual for a Heavy Tank. The Dreadnought KV-2 is the upgraded version of the reliable KV-2, offering the familiarity of the original, plus a few other surprises for your enemies. Flexible is the best way to describe the Dreadnought KV-2. Be it supporting the frontline, or an aggressive hit-and-run. The adaptability of this Soviet hero is matched by its powerful engine that will give your opponents a hard time aiming at you. A shot from the Dreadnought KV-2’s quick-aiming gun offers excellent penetrating power combined with a fast firing-rate, making it ideal for suppressing or harassing your way to victory. Compare it in detail in the Tank Profiler.

LT-432 Vanguard ELC

New Premium Tanks - 2nd April 2019

Four new premium tanks hit the game, the LT-432, Vanguard ELC, Thunderbolt, and Progetto M46. Keep a low profile with the LT-432, a fast-firing Soviet soldier that handles like a dream! With strong stealth values, it can stay hidden until it's ready to pounce, while its high damage per minute potential makes it a great aggressive option too. The Vanguard ELC EVEN 90 is a small and stealthy scout! With great mobility and a small frame, this tiny terror is a hard target to hit, and can dodge and weave its way out of trouble with ease. The Progetto is equipped with a 90mm auto-reloading gun, which can hold multiple shells that reload automatically. Once a shell is loaded, it can be fired without needing to wait for all rounds in the clip to be loaded. This allows for single fire or burst fire, and flexible firepower depending on what the combat situation calls for. The Thunderbolt comes with excellent defensive properties for a Medium Tank, and can reliably endure and ricochet incoming rounds.Compare them in detail in the Tank Profiler.

Progetto 65

Full Italian Tech Tree - 29th March 2019

The full Italian Tech Tree has finally been introduced to the game. The line is primarily made up of medium tanks with a few light tanks. From tiers 8 to 10, players get to play the new gun type called the Auto-Reloader which allows for shells to continually reload during gameplay. Also introduced is the new USA Rover light tank, a tank designed for lunar operations but available for general games on earth. Compare them in detail in the Tank Profiler.

HMH AMX Modèle 58

New French Heavy Metal Hero - 21st March 2019

World of Tanks: Mercenaries welcomes a new French tank to the ranks of the Heavy Metal Heroes: the HMH AMX Modèle 58. A variant of the AMX 13 with improved firepower. A perfect combination of stealth and firepower allows this light tank to excel in both active and passive roles on the battlefield. Equipped with a powerful 105mm three-round auto-loader, when the HMH AMX Modèle 58 hits, it hits really hard. The HMH AMX Modèle 58's great mobility allows it to easily traverse the battlefield and perform a variety of maneuvers with ease, such as the 'circle of death'. Compare it in detail in the Tank Profiler.

Ariete Progetto Italian Premium

Italy joins World of Tanks! - 5th March 2019

It's time to wish a warm benvenuto to the wonderful Ariete Progetto, the very first Premium Italian vehicle to hit the battlefield in World of Tanks: Mercenaries! It's fitted with a 90mm auto-reloading gun, which can hold multiple shells that reload automatically. Unlike existing auto-loaders, once a shell is loaded, it can be fired without needing to wait for all rounds in the clip to be loaded! This allows for single fire or burst fire, and flexible firepower depending on what the combat situation calls for. Italy's foray into tank engineering during World War II focused on protection and firepower, with post-war vehicles also featuring auto-reloading guns, good mobility, and great gun handling. The Ariete Progetto is an excellent mobile vehicle, which combined with its unique gun, makes it an effective flanker. Compare it in detail in the Tank Profiler.

T-VI-100 Soviet Tiger

New Premium USSR Tiger - 12th February 2019

The T-VI-100 previously existed only in blueprints, which plotted the unrealized potential of this intriguing German-Soviet hybrid. Now it’s been brought to life, and you can try it for yourself in World of Tanks: Mercenaries! The T-VI-100 was a real USSR project that intended to transform a captured German Tiger vehicle. It’s a Tiger at heart, but it’s burning with Soviet firepower! The T-VI-100 project would have seen one of these Tigers fitted with a Soviet weapon in place of the Tiger's 88mm gun. The D-10 gun, a 100mm weapon that fronted the Soviets' SU-100 tank destroyers, would have made the tank a frightful combatant against German vehicles. The project was ended in 1945, and although never officially realized, the potential and potency of this German-Soviet hybrid can be seen in the T-VI-100 available in World of Tanks: Mercenaries. Compare it in detail in the Tank Profiler.

Core Breach: Suit up for Explosive Mech Action - 28th January 2019

The hot metal action of World of Tanks: Mercenaries is getting cranked all the way up to 11 with the launch of Core Breach, a new mode that’s bringing all-out Mech action to the battlefield! Matches played in Core Breach Mode are 4 versus 4 team destruction battles, where you must work together with your teammates to bring down the enemy Mechs. Battles last for eight minutes, and victory is awarded to the team which has destroyed the most Mechs (or caused the most damage in case of a tie). Mechs can respawn, so you'll always have unlimited Mech fodder in your crosshairs! When the event is active, select ‘Core Breach’ from the main menu, then choose either the US Iron Soldier or the USSR Steel Comrade to begin a battle. Both Mechs are equipped with machine guns, lasers, and missiles. Review the mechs in more detail at World of Tanks Mercenaries.

Second Premium Waffenträger joins WOT - 16th January 2019

Strike and pierce with a tough new Premium vehicle: the Javelin. The Javelin features top-notch protection, with welded-on spaced armor plating enhancing the defensive qualities of its turret and hull. Its small silhouette allows the Javelin to effectively blend into its surroundings for stealthy progress across the battlefield. Add Sniper skills, perks, and equipment for even more effectiveness. This Tank Destroyer's gun handling allows for quick and accurate engagement of the enemy. Shoot 'em down in the blink of an eye! Compare it in detail in the Tank Profiler.

Iron Rain Waffentrager

New Premium Waffentrager - 10th January 2019

The Iron Rain Rhm.-Borsig Waffentrager is a striking new Premium Tank Destroyer hailing from Germany. This tank's three-round autoloading gun packs a massive amount of damage into a single clip. Your enemies would flee at the sight of the Iron Rain Borsig, if they could detect it! The Iron Rain Borsig's excellent concealment ratings allow it to stay hidden, making it the perfect tank to ambush or snipe unsuspecting enemies. Brains, brawn, and beauty! Watch this badass vehicle roll across the battlefield as it effortlessly takes out enemies in style. Compare it in detail in the Tank Profiler.

T32-A Proto - 3rd January 2019

This American Heavy Tank can deal catastrophic amounts of damage thanks to its amazing three-round autoloader. Combining excellent gun depression with a powerful 105mm three-round autoloader, the T32-A Proto is capable of dealing massive amounts of damage with a single clip. Its 2.5-second intra-clip reload time won't give your enemies time to breathe before you're dishing out punishment again. This tank has a Free XP Bonus earn rate of 10%, making it the highest Free XP earner per battle in the entire game! The T32-A Proto’s variability in battle and its great mobility give it an extra edge while moving across difficult terrains. Compare it in detail in the Tank Profiler.

New Mercenary "Brick" and Poland Tech Tree - 16th December 2018

The Brick, captained by the ghastly Accursed Sandman, is the latest Premium Mercenary tank to hit the game. The Brick's quick-firing gun can deliver sustained fire to enemy forces, slowing or halting their advancement! With armor enhanced by a layer of solid brick, it'll take more than huffing and puffing to blow this tank down! The Brick has great Silver earning potential thanks to high Silver bonuses and inexpensive ammunition! Also joining the game is the new Polish nation tech tree with over 15 new tanks across the light, medium, and heavy tank classes. Compare them in detail in the Tank Profiler.

Audace Canon d'assaut de 105

New French Premium Tank Destroyer - 28th November 2018

A new French destroyer has landed ... The Audace Canon d'assaut de 105! With a high top speed of 55 km/h, you can easily get into a firing position, and make a quick escape if necessary. Its streamlined profile makes it a stealthy combatant. With great concealment values, it can stay hidden from enemies if it effectively uses its environment to its advantage. Swift aiming time means it can zero in on enemies and deliver a devastating 390 damage payload in the blink of an eye thanks to high shell velocity! Compare it in detail in the Tank Profiler.

New Mercenary Heroes Created by Brett Parson - 13th November 2018

Introducing a fearsome trio of new Mercenaries tanks and commanders created in partnership with ARTtitude by legendary comic book artist Brett Parson, renowned for his work on the Tank Girl and New Romancer series! Get to know the Outcasts: Banana Buster (helmed by 40 Watt Club), Beach Party (crewed by Battalion 23), and T.A.N.K. (captained by The Buck). The Banana Buster is a deliberate brawler, with excellent armor protecting it as it wrecks enemy defenses. 40 Watt Club is a former French Resistance fighter who took a decidedly sadistic approach to hunting and dispatching the surviving members of German high command in the aftermath of World War II. Beach Party is the resilient hybrid of three nations’ tank parts fronted with a magnificently powerful weapon. It's captained by Battalion 23, an American soldier stranded in the forests of Yanbaru who managed to survive for years after World War II ended, honing a swift and agile fighting style as he continued to wage a war that had already ended. Smooth Ride and Eagle Eye skills give him improved accuracy on the move and the ability to identify critically damaged modules on targeted enemy vehicles! T.A.N.K. has surprisingly excellent speed and agility, making it a formidable foe in close-range combat. The Buck is its master, a vindictive and cruel war criminal who operates a nefarious network of Mercenaries who sweep across Europe like a plague of locusts. Paratrooper and Camouflage skills massively reduce falling damage and reduce vehicle visibility in combat. Compare them in detail in the Tank Profiler.

Absolution Merc Premium Tank - 11th November 2018

Absolution is a brand new Premium Mercenary vehicle crewed by men who fight for honor, righteousness, and a better tomorrow. Answer the call of duty and join forces with Lieutenant Callahan and his team for a limited time only! Callahan has years of military service under his belt, and despite many victories, he has also paid the price of sacrifice. His team values his wisdom and experience and would follow him to the end of the line. The battle experience of Callahan and his crew makes the Absolution both a deadly weapon and an effective shield. Use his special skill, Controlled Impact, to decrease ramming damage to the Absolution, while increasing ramming damage inflicted on enemy vehicles. The solid steel railroad tracks attached to the hull and turret coupled with additional spaced armor plating can severely disrupt incoming enemy rounds. The Absolution is armed with an outstanding weapon, the German Waffe 7.5cm cannon. Use its explosive capabilities to not only fight the battle but win the war. Compare the Absolution in detail in the Tank Profiler.

Poland Officially Joins WOT - 7th November 2018

Two new Polish premiums are now available, the Wojtek and the 50TP prototyp! The Wojtek is accompanied by a truly badass crew, Wojtek the Bear, who growls as your gun is reloading. Wojtek is based on the remarkable true story of a ferocious bear soldier that fought alongside his Polish brothers during World War II. The Wojtek features a reliable gun and great mobility, allowing you to navigate the battlefield and engage the enemy in any combat scenario. On the other hand the 50TP prototyp boasts a truly formidable 122mm gun capable of massive damage output. With an average of 440 damage, it has one of the hardest hitting guns of its tier. Make use of its well-sloped frontal hull armor to get up close and personal with the enemy, or utilize its angling to reliably ricochet rounds. The hull's shape allows for up to 10 degrees of gun depression, making it difficult for enemies to return fire depending on its positioning! Compare the new Polish tanks in detail in the Tank Profiler.

Update 4.7 - New Russian and Mercenary Tanks - 30th October 2018

A number of new higher tier Russian tanks join the game along with several new Mercenary tanks. New game features have also been introduced and a heap more of tank balances to packages, all part of Update 4.7. The Sacred Valley map also re-joined the map rotation. Compare all the new Russian and Mercenary tanks in detail in the Tank Profiler.

Mercenary Centrifuge

New Halloween Monster Tanks - 16th October 2018

It's that time of the year again when the monster tanks come alive with special powers on October 26. Two new Halloween Monster tanks join the game, the Bog Horror: Creature From The Dark Platoon, and the Wraith Panzer 58: Harbinger of Death. Both tanks are quite impressive so check out the store bundles now. To celebrate Halloween as well there are a number of new special operations including the chance to score free Monster tanks. Compare all the Monster tanks in detail in the Tank Profiler.

Halloween Monster Tanks

Turtle Power - 3rd October 2018

Add some Turtle power to your Garage! This new Mercenary tank is one of a kind and has every skill you need to be a lean, mean tanking machine. The Turtle is equipped with a devastatingly powerful 122mm howitzer gun, which is potent enough to put a hole in the strongest opponents! Use the Turtle's tactical mobility to get behind the enemy, strike their rear with a large HE round, and then get back to safety before they can hit you back! New crew ... Cunning Ocelot; is a Soviet Mercenary who was forced to survive alone after infiltrating a German spy network and outing one of their most notorious operatives. He comes with the Designated Target and Green Thumb skills, which makes targeted enemies visible for longer, and increase the effectiveness of his tank's camo while hidden in foliage! Compare the Turtle in detail in the Tank Profiler.

Rollover your enemies in the Boulder - 22nd September 2018

Roll out with the Boulder, and crush your enemies with its Mercenary might! This rock-hard new vehicle combines Swedish firepower with tough British armor. The Boulder has spaced hull and turret armor, which compliments its already tough exterior! With excellent gun depression, the Boulder can effortlessly traverse ridge lines to rain hell while leaving very little of itself exposed to enemy fire. New crew ... Reaver Omega is a French Mercenary who stood against hundreds of German soldiers for weeks to save his town. He's equipped with the Mentor and Sixth Sense skills, which give a 10% Crew XP boost and alerts him when the Boulder has been detected by an enemy! Compare it in detail in the Tank Profiler.

Hidden Village returns - 22nd September 2018

Inspired by the remote settlements where the ninja resided in feudal Japan, the Hidden Village is a blissful hideaway situated in a Japanese mountain range. Don't spend too long admiring the elegant architecture and beautiful cherry blossom though, because shells will soon be flying! Plays tiers 5+; Size 1000m x 1000m; Game Modes are Standard, Encounter, and Team Destruction. Check it out in detail in the Maps page.

Maul Your Enemies with the Bear KV-122 - September 2018

It's wild and brutal, and it's ready to fight for you. The Bear KV-122 is the newest Premium tank to join the game, and it brings an animalistic predator instinct to every war it wages. The Bear KV-122 comes equipped with a powerful 122mm gun, tough enough to rip through anyone who stands in your way. Excellent top speed and traverse values allow the Bear to outmaneuver enemies and seize positions and advantage. Check it out and compare it in detail in the Tank Profiler. Also joining the game is Turán III Prototípus, a highly versatile tank with high DPM and good gun depression.

Premium Mercenary Tank: The Trinity Mark II - 5th September 2018

The Trinity Mk II makes history as the first Premium Mercenary vehicle to join World of Tanks: Mercenaries! Unite the powers and engineering prowess of three mighty nations, and take this armored annihilator for a fiery ride through the battlefield. The Trinity Mk II is heavily protected by make-shift armor. The turret has thick, angled armor that provides excellent defense against incoming fire. With a triple layer of outstanding spaced armor, Trinity Mk II is one of the most well-armored Medium Tanks in the game. New Crew ... Sonic Valkyrie is an Italian freedom fighter famous for helping Allied soldiers trapped behind enemy lines. She comes with the Track Mechanic and Pain Tolerance skills, giving her faster track repair times and a lower chance of critical damage for Trinity Mk II's Crew members! Compare it in detail in the Tank Profiler.

Nomad Somua - 15th August 2018

This new French vehicle is the first heavy autoloader to join the game and features a 100mm 5 shot auto-loader with the potential to deliver 1,500 damage, which is enough to destroy equal or lower tier enemies in a single clip! Well armored, this tank in the hands of a good player will wreak havoc on the battlefield. Check it out and compare it in detail in the Tank Profiler.

Citadel Tiger I Hero Tank - 8th August 2018

The first tier 6 Tiger I tank to hit the game; the Citadel Tiger I boasts many of the capabilities of its tier 7 big brother including a fast reload rate, good damage and DPM, and 30% bonus. Part of the Dark Horse Comics range, check it out and compare it in detail in the Tank Profiler.

German Dream Machines - 6th August 2018

Throughout the month of August, you can fight for prizes in the German Dream Machines event, an epic opportunity to grab 10 different tiers of prizes that you can work towards in any order of preference. If you want to set your sights on a humble selection of XP Boost Ops, that's your decision. If you want to dream a little bigger and go for the hard and heavy King Tiger. There's everything from Premium tanks to XP Boost Ops, Premium time, and Silver to be earned!

German Dream Machines

Slayer SU-152 Hero Tank - 15th July 2018

A new Dark Horse Comics hero tank has hit the game ... The Russian Tier 7 Slayer SU-152 tank destroyer. This tank packs a mean 152mm gun capable of dishing out 700 damage with a standard AP shell, and comes complete with custom tank paint boosting its camouflage factor. Check it out and compare it in detail in the Tank Profiler.

Minuteman and Égalité AMX - 4th July 2018

Two new 4th July premium tanks hit the game ... The American Tier VII Minuteman T29 Heavy Tank and the French Tier VIII Égalité AMX M4 mle. 49 Heavy Tank. Also added are the Swedish Strv 81, USSR STG, USA Chrysler K, and German VK 65.01 (H). Check them out and compare them in detail in the Tank Profiler.

The Mercenaries have arrived! - 26th June 2018

WOT Mercenaries

After a long wait the new Mercenaries have finally been introduced to World of Tanks exclusive for Consoles. Featuring 10 new Mercenary tanks that are not aligned to any nation and put together from parts of different tanks, players will need to successfully complete contracts to earn them. To get a taste for the new Mercenary tanks there is a new War Story called "Heist" that allows the player to experience first hand what it is like to drive one of these new tanks. Eight new Mercenary maps have also been introduced. As part of Update 4.5 there were 4 maps re-introduced into rotation, and a new USSR premium tank destroyer the Bizon T-103. Check it out all the new tanks and compare them in detail in the Tank Profiler.

New WOT Dark Horse Hero - 8th June 2018

Fortress Ferdinand

A new hero has arrived .. the premium German tank destroyer Fortress Ferdinand! Commanded by Johannes Bakken this new premium tank includes the Pain Tolerance skill, and while the gun is only 10.5cm the extra 300 hitpoints and better camouflage will ensure greater survivability on the battlefield. Check it out along with other Dark Horse Hero tanks and compare them in detail in the Tank Profiler before you buy.

The Deathstalker has arrived - 17th May 2018


Lay waste to to your enemies with the latest M46 Patton variant; the USA Deathstalker. This tier 8 premium tank provides a healthy silver bonus and unique camouflage pattenn, and sports a 90mm cannon with a decent rate of fire. Check it out along with the other Patton tank and compare them in detail in the Tank Profiler before you buy.

Kraft has returned with Russian rivals - 5th May 2018

Krafts Pz IV

Comic hero Kraft has returned to World of Tanks this time in a Panzer IV. Two new Russian premiums also join the game as well; the tier 3 T-29 medium tank, and the tier 8 Guardian STG medium tank. Check out both these tanks out and compare them in detail in the Tank Profiler before you buy

Warlord Panther and Toldi III Premium Tanks - 24th April 2018

Warlord Panther

Rounding out the end of April is two new premium tanks; the Japanese medium tank The Warlord Panther, and the Swedish light tank Toldi III. The Warload Panther or just 'Warlord' for short boasts a custom paint job and similar characteristics to the Champion Panther except cheaper. Check out both these tanks out and compare them in detail in the Tank Profiler page.

Update 4.4 and New Premium Tank - 4th April 2018


Update 4.4 is here and with it a list of new features including a new map variant for Prokhorovka Winter, crew portraits, improved battle tiers by game type, new War Stories "Spoils of War", and a revamp of the Base Capture. Also joining the Russian ranks is the new premium Scourge Kirovets-1 heavy tank which was a prototype of the IS-3. This new tank is a good combination of IS-3 and IS-3 Auto with much improved frontal armor making this tank ripe for front line brawling. Check the tank out and compare it in the Tank Profiler.

Chrysler K Heavy Tank - 28th February 2018

Chrysler K

A new premium tank has arrived - the USA heavy tank Chrysler K! This tank sports a 105mm gun with thick frontal armor and a rounded heavily armored turret. Angled, this tank is going to be tough to penetrate. Take into consideration the 50% XP bonus makes this tank worth considering be added to your collection. Check the tank out and compare it in the Tank Profiler.

Chinese Tank Destroyers and new XP Calculator - 21st February 2018

Chinese Tank Destroyer

World of Tanks have released the new line of tank destroyers for China including the Yazi premium tank destroyer. If you like the USSR tank destroyers then you will enjoy the Chinese line as these tanks are based on the Russian design. Check them all out and compare them in the Tank Profiler. We have also launched the new experience (XP) calculator for both Tank XP and Crew XP allowing players to plan ahead on the usage of bonuses and operations. Players can select up to 6 different operations along with Premium and Daily bonuses. Check out the XP Calculator for multiplayer games.

Update 4.3 and new Premium Tanks hit our screens - 10th February 2018

HMH T-34-85M

Tankbowl Winner is USSR who have now scored themselves the new Champion M4 Sherman. Players can still purchase this tank if they were unsuccessful through the competition. A number of new tanks also joined the game; Chinese medium tank King Dragon Type 59, USSR heavy tank Object 252U, USSR medium tank HMH T-34-85M, USA heavy tank T26E5, and USA medium tank Howitzer Motor Carriage M8. Check them all out and compare them in the Tank Profiler. Coming soon are the Chinese tank destroyer line!

Berlin map has also been added. Visit all the maps at the maps page.

Tankbowl 2018 with new premium tanks - 19th January 2018

Tankbowl 2018

Tankbowl 2018 has kicked off with heavy weights USA vs. USSR, and with this years winner taking home a new Champion M4 Sherman. Joining the Tankbowl for 2018 are 4 new premium tanks; the USA heavy tank Patriot T26E5, USSR heavy tanks the Object 252U Defender and KV-4 by Kreslavskiy, and the USSR medium tank the T-44-100. All tanks offer a great bonus on Silver. Support your side for tankbowl with these new premium tanks or hop into one of your existing USA or USSR tier 3 or above tanks and battle it out. Check them all out and compare them in the Tank Profiler.

New Premiums for the new year - 4th January 2018

Adler VK 45.03

To kick off the new year a couple of new premium tanks have joined WOT Consoles; the German Heavy Tank Adler VK 45.03, and the French Heavy Tank AMX M4 mle. 49. Both tanks provide a great silver bonus of 50% and 60% respectively making them great money earners. Both tanks also sport heavy caliber guns for their tier ensuring players can cause maximum damage to the enemy and rack up the experience and silver. Check them all out and compare them in the Tank Profiler.

Volk, Verzila, and lots of light tanks - 15th December 2017

Volk T-44-100

As part of Patch 4.2 a heap of new light tanks were introduced to the game to round out the tiers in this class including tier 10 tanks. Quite a number of existing light tanks were rebuffed as well with some moving up a tier. Two new USSR premium tanks also joined the game as part of Tanksmas ... The medium Volk T-44-100 and heavy Verzila KV-4 K. Both provide a 50% silver bonus making them great money makers. Check them all out and compare them in the Tank Profiler.

Royalty has arrived ... New King Tiger Tanks - 22nd November 2017

King Tiger

Two new premium tanks join the game, and both are royalty. The King Tigers (Tiger II), one for USA which is captured sports the 88mm gun, and one for the Germans with the 105mm gun. Each King Tiger offers improvements in tank capabilities with the German King Tiger adding extra health and acceleration, and the USA King Tiger offering better gun capabilities including penetration. Both tanks also offer a great silver bonus along with a XP bonus. Check them all out in the Tank Profiler.

New French Hero Tanks, full Swedish line, and new maps added - 7th November 2017

French Hero Tanks

Wargaming have been very busy and have released a heap of tanks to the game just after rolling out new Monster tanks for Halloween. Joining the line up are 2 new French Hero tanks; the light and quick HMH AMX 13 57 with it L/100 8 round autoloader, and the HMH AMX M4 mle. 49 heavy tank. Both tanks have very good Silver bonuses. The full line of Swedish tanks was also released with light, medium, and heavy tank mixed lines along with a separate tank destroyer line with the higher tiers providing the Siege mode capability. The new tank destroyer line is proving very popular with players. Check them all out in the Tank Profiler. Additional maps Icebound, Ravaged Capital, Raseiniai, and Grimm Graveyard have also been added. Visit all the maps at the maps page.

The Swedish have arrived, new German heavies, and new Halloween Tanks - 12th October 2017

Swedish Tanks

They are finally here! After a lot of speculation Sweden has joined World of Tanks with 2 new premiums; the Strv M42-57 with its 4 shot autoloader, and the rather odd looking Stark Strv S1 that introduces the first ever Siege Mode to the game. Further Swedish tanks are bound to join the game sometime in the near future. Also to join the game are the predecessors to the the Maus German heavy tank which include the tier 8 VK 100.01 (P) and tier 9 Mäuschen, and like the Maus are big, slow, but heavily armed and heavily armored. The German tier 10 Pz.Kpfw. VII rounds out the new tank additions. With Halloween not too far away 2 new monster tanks have also arrived; the German Höllenhund and Chinese Dragon Type 62. Check them all out in the Tank Profiler.

New Japanese and USA Premiums - 15th September 2017

Japanese Heavy Tank VI.jpg

Three new premium tanks join the ranks of World of Tanks; the Japanese Senshi STA-2, Japanese Heavy Tank No. VI, and the USA T25 Pilot Number 1. All 3 tanks pack a punch for their tiers but its the new mediums that are offering a 50% silver bonus making them very profitable tanks. Edelweiss and The Nameless along with the Grizzly are all back in the store as well. Check them all out in the Tank Profiler.

Fighting Girlfriend T-34 - 2nd September 2017

Fighting Girlfriend T-34

WOT have released the Fighting Girlfriend T-34. Based on a real person "Mariya Oktyabrskaya" who commanded her own T-34 that she named "Fighting Girlfriend". The tank has similar characteristics to the a normal T-34 with the exception of 40% plus bonus on Silver and XP. Also available for viewing are is Honor T28E with F30, Glory IS-5, Fatherland, Motherland, and Bogatyr KV-220-2 premium tanks. Check them out in the Tank Profiler.

Beasts of War - 30th July 2017

Rheinmetall Skorpion

As part of the 'Release the Beasts' August overview, 3 new beasts of war have joined World of Tanks ... The Rheinmetall Skorpion, M46 Patton KR, and Panzer 58 Mutz. These tanks will earn you extra Beasts of Prey points to spend on silver and bonus ops, and each tank provides a 50% or better silver bonus. Also uploaded is the UK Cromwell B and French M4A1 Revalorisé. Check them out now and compare then using the Tank Profiler.

Heroes of Dunkirk - 15th July 2017

Dunkirk Vindicator

To celebrate the release of the new WWII movie "Dunkirk" Wargaming have unleashed the "Heroes of Dunkirk" British tanks, "Defiance" Matilda (Tier 5 Medium Tank) and "Vindicator" Charioteer (Tier 8 Tank Destroyer). These tanks pack a serious punch for their tier and both provide a good silver bonus. Check out the tanks in detail using the Tank Profiler. Caen has also been added to the maps page.

Independence and Defiance - 1st July 2017

Frostbite Grizzly M4

As part of the Defiance - Independence - Dunkirk month a new premium tank has joined the game from British Canada; the Frostbite Grizzly M4 complete with a special Canadian flag emblem. Check out the tank in detail using the Tank Profiler. On the 14th July 2017 two new premiums will be added; the "Defiance" Matilda (Tier 5 Medium Tank) and "Vindicator" Charioteer (Tier 8 Tank Destroyer).

Valkyria Chronicles' Edelweiss and The Nameless - 22nd June 2017

Valkyria Chronicles

Based upon the SEGA Valkyria Chronicles two new premium Japanese tanks join the game; they are the tier 8 Edelweiss medium tank, and the tier 8 The Nameless heavy tank. Both tanks come with custom crews including custom crew voices. These tanks are well armored for their tiers and both pack good guns comparable to other tier 8 guns. They also come with permanent all terrain camouflage. Be sure to check out both these tanks in detail using the Tank Profiler.

Update 3.8 and The Crimson Knights - 3rd June 2017

Glory IS-5

As part of Patch 3.8 "Battlefield Bonanza" we welcome the USSR Crimson Knights to the game ... The Honor T-28E medium tank, the Glory IS-5 heavy tank, and the Bogatyr KV-220-2 heavy tank. Joining them is the Fatherland heavy tank and Motherland medium tank. All these tanks are available for purchase in the game and available until the end of June. Compare them now with the Tank Profiler. Also included in Update 3.8 is a few map modifications. Ardennes now has a summer variant with Redshire and Northwest both receiving updates. Visit all the maps at the maps page.

Huntsman Centurion and new Kasserine map - 27th May 2017

Huntsman Centurion

The UK has received a new premium medium tank, the Huntsman Centurion! This tank has universal camouflage so every map you play will have a 3% camouflage bonus. With a 55% silver bonus the Huntsman Centurion is a great money maker. Compare it now with the Tank Profiler. Also added to the maps is Kasserine. Based on a real location this desert map is large and suitable for all tank classes. Check it out at the maps page.

Vengeance T25 and new maps - 2nd May 2017

Vengeance T25

The Vengeance T25 tier 8 premium tank has joined the ranks of the USA. This tank is one of the few premium tanks available to offer all three bonus - Silver, XP, and Crew, and at 50% bonus crew XP makes for an excellent crew trainer. With a decent top speed and 90mm gun the Vengeance T25 makes for a great flanker and support tank. Compare it now with the Tank Profiler. Also introduced is new Windstorm map and Liberty Falls map both of which are available for viewing in the maps section.

Time to get Grille'n - 12th April 2017

Grille 15

The Germans have unleashed their new tier 10 tank destroyer, the Grille 15! While its armor is poor this tank packs one very large gun capable of inflicting 750 damage per shot, and will penetrate nearly every tank on the battlefield. You dont want to be caught at the end of its barrel. The Grille 15 makes an excellent support tank being able to unleash hell at long range behind the heavy tanks. If you are a fan of the Waffentragers then this is a tank you will want to add to your garage. Compare it now with the Tank Profiler

Heavy Metal Heroes and other new tanks added - 5th April 2017

Heavy Metal Heroes

A number of new tanks have joined the game and now available in the Tank Profiler for players to compare. They include the 3 new Heavy Metal Heroes; ISU-130, M51 Super Sherman, and FV305, as well as the new Bat Chat Tier 9, premium Bogatyr KV-220-2, and Vanquisher Sentinel AC I. Players looking into the new bundles available in the store may want to compare the tanks first. Also added is the new special map "Mars".

From the land Down Under, and new Škoda T 40 - 15th March 2017

Sentinel AC IV Experimental

From the land Down Under we welcome the new Australian Sentinel AC IV Experimental medium tank. This tank packs serious firepower with a 17 pound gun, and with a top speed of 60kmph this tank can be a great flanker and sniper combined. Also released is the new Czech medium tank, the Škoda T 40. Unsure if want to purchase these tanks? Then check them out and compare them first in the Tank Profiler

New "Rudy" premium Russian tank - 9th March 2017

T-34-85 Rudy

Wargaming have introduced a new premium tank to the already big list of USSR medium tanks ... The T-34-85 Rudy. Boasting similar characteristics as the normal T-34-85 the Rudy version comes complete with maximum health and a accurate 85mm canon capable of causing 300 damage with a standard round. Being a premium tank it provides both a silver and experience bonus. Check it out and compare it now in the Tank Profiler

New Camouflage Calculator and Comparison has been launched - 1st March 2017

WOT Camo Comparison

The Tank Profiler has been updated to now include a world first Camouflage Calculator with comparison capability for World of Tanks Consoles! Players can now modify a tank's stationary and moving camouflage values by selecting crew skills, perks, and equipment all while comparing the camouflage with other tanks. Also added is the Dukla Pass map

The Fatherland has arrived - 21st February 2017

WOT Fatherland

The new premium heavy tank to join the Russian arsenal is the Fatherland IS-3A. This tank packs a serious punch with a good penetrating gun and well sloped armor. You can earn this tank for free by completing the Fatherland Operations or alternatively you can purchase this tank outright. Eitherway, buying or acquiring through operations the Fatherland IS-3A can be compared with other tanks using the Tank Profiler

Czech Line is here - 15th February 2017

WOT Czech Line

The new Czechoslovakia line of light and medium tanks have been added to the Tank Profiler allowing players to compare their stats including their packages and effective armor angles with other tanks. The Czech line of tanks while lightly armored really pack some real fighting capability as scouts and flankers. be sure to check them out and compare tanks

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